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Hemet, CA

The opposite of our last campground

sunny 70 °F
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We are now at a 5 star RV Resort...whatever that means. I do know that it can certainly spoil a person. We have full hookups, including cable TV. The activities center include 3 very nice pools, 3 spas (at 3 different temps), a large billiard room, 2 nice sand volleyball courts, a library/computer room (where I am right now), a huge laundry room, a ball room for all kinds of events and parties, a kitchen, and I don't know what else. One thing it is missing is free wifi at our "campsite". To put my last blog on, we had to go park in front of Starbucks to enter my photos and blog that I had written while at Jalama. So this blog is being done and sent while at the resort PC. They allow NO downloads. No photos of around here can put on this site until I get back to Starbucks.

Hemet is a neat town. Last time I was here was in the mid 60's. It was just a widespot in the road then. Now it is really quite a place with many places for retired folk to stay. While walking around the resort and its' 1000+ sites, the predominant license plate comes from Canada. Those Canadians must love our sunshine down here. And most of the rigs here put ours to shame. It's better than the annual RV Show each January.

The weather here today was about 70 degrees. I am officially in my short pants and T-shirt. I got my bicycle out and rode it a bit today. At night the stars are out and we can see hills and mountains all around this town. I am tired now and want to go relax in the spa. We really are enjoying retirement. - jc

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Jalama Camposite

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Thursday, December 02, 2010
At our campsite here at Jalama Beach we are truly enjoying life. We are now in weather that we only dreamed about 3 weeks ago. In fact, today marks our 16th day on our trip. After we set up our trailer yesterday, Susie and I took a short walk on the beach. It is just beautiful here! At the present there are few campers, but I hear they will be coming for the weekend. This is a first come, first served campground. So by being here by 2:00 pm, we got a nice site. There are 3 levels of sites and we are on the 2nd level. From our back picture window, we can look out across the lower camp and then the ocean. There are 3 large oil platforms way out in the ocean. We watched them last evening after sunset as they turned on their lights. It was like 3 Christmas trees way out there.
The campsites are a bit different than in most camps. There are no water or sewer hookups. You have to fill up your water tank at a faucet and then go to their dump station when the waste tanks are full. Some sites, like ours, have electrical hookups. There is no TV reception and no cell phone coverage. And with no wifi, we are cut off from the world. That’s why this blog will be late to you. There is a small store/burger place here. Everyone says they make the best burgers in the world….the Jalama burger. So this afternoon we will try the Jalama garden burger. But in spite of what we don’t get here and the long road (14 miles oneway and curvy) to get here, the trade-off is to my liking. It is so quiet and isolated that I am truly feeling retired. Some people come here for weeks and months at a time. You can spend up to 3 mos. here in the winter. At $28 per night (senior price), it could get kinda pricy. I took 769 pictures this morning before breakfast. Most were of surfers and waves. We had an offshore wind and the surf was up a bit, although those who know say it is poor surf today. One guy told me he had seen/surfed 35’ waves here. We can hear the crashing of the waves up here at our camp. Last night for the first time on the trip, Susie got out her keyboard and serenaded me as I read. It put me to sleep for a while. Then I woke and read for a while. I’m almost done with my 2nd book of the trip. I’m getting used to this way of life. - jc
Friday, December 03, 2010
Yesterday afternoon, Thursday, we walked south down the beach toward Point Conception. We made it to a point a little over a mile down the beach called tarantula point by the surfers. From here we could look down another 4 miles to see the lighthouse on Pt. Conception. When we got back we went over and got 2 Jalama garden burgers. They are right….fantastic!
Every night that we have been here the wind has come up, an off shore wind. It shakes the trailer. But in the morning it dies down. Today I rode my bicycle down the coast past tarantula and down to a rocky point that I couldn’t bike over . Very few people are on the beach….mainly surfers. It was a fun ride. This afternoon was used to get some chores done around and in the trailer. I’m pretty much ready to pull out when Sunday comes. I think we can make it till then before we need to dump our tanks….hope so. We have 244 miles to go Sunday, according to Tom (Tom-Tom, GPS). So that will be one of our busier days of travel. We will be traveling through Southern California from Ventura to Hemet, our next stop. We will stay there for 1 week. That’s all for now. - jc

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Morro Bay

sunny 66 °F
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We used to come down here to Morro Bay for a day, or a weekend when we lived in central California. It was always a special place to visit. So today when we arrived here, a flood of memories came back. But even if I had never been here before, today was THE day to be here. The weather was super both on our trip and when we arrived. Our RV space here at Morro Dunes is fantastic and the closest that we could get to the ocean. We can walk from our space across a small street and out to the ocean. When I post my pictures , you will see what I mean. We took a short walk along the ocean and through part of our RV park. Then I went on a longer walk alone through town and back along the beach for sunset pictures. I don't know when I have seen a prettier sunset. Enjoy! - jc

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Monday, enjoying the sun in Santa Cruz

sunny 60 °F
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Today was a work/play day, as opposed to a travel day. We did our laundry, cleaned "house" (one can never be too clean in a small trailer), and had our usual late breakfast. After hanging our clothes in the sun, we left for some sightseeing. In another life I had spent many, many days exploring the Soquel, Capitola, Santa Cruz area. It was fun to be back and see the changes that had taken place. I got to show Susie where I used to walk and take pictures.

Many of the pictures are of Capitola. We walked through the little town and out on the wharf. The weather was perfect. It was so warm that I was actuaqlly tempted to take off my flannel shirt!! For those of you that know me, my flannel shirts are part of me/my life. But I was saved. When the breeeze blew, I realized that it would be a bit chilly.... When we finished Capitola, we moved on up Cliff Drive towards Santa Cruz. We stopped at the boat harbor and walked out to the lighthouse. As well as seeing a very large harbor seal and some surf birds, we got to see the Pegasus, one of the very special TransPac sailing boats.

Then we went to Costco to gas-up. My neighbor back home told me to set all the Costco gas stations on our route on our GPS. Boy, it sure makes life easier. After a Safeway stop, it's back here to the trailer and supper. Tomorrow is a travel day to Morro Bay.

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Blog #1

This is a real new thing for me. I don't social network, text, or do anything else like that....except email. But I will try to make a trip blog. Have patience, please. To start with, I sent you all a link to this site earlier. But it was only a link to the map section and did not include the blogs. To access that map section from this link, go to bottom of this page and click on "Favourite Link". This will put you back to that page. The only way I have found to get back to the blogs is to use the back arrow. If you click on the photos shown, a more complete showing of my pix will come up. I'm still learning and playing with the options available. Have fun. - jc

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